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KININMONTHS on King Island


Temporary download of ecoregions

Coral Geographic

Coral Geographic has not been previously published, although the geographic data it contains has been in use since the 1990s. The program divides the world’s coral regions into 141 named ecoregions according to the following map.


Features of Coral Geographic will be released progressively over the next few years and will be available (a) interactively on the internet, (b) for downloading in available formats and (c) on DVD.

Reference this data as : Veron JEN, DeVantier LM, Turak E, Green AL, Kininmonth S, Stafford-Smith MG, Peterson N (2009) Delineating the Coral Triangle. Galaxea 11:91-100 (see pdf)

Version 3 available now. Additions include the Central New South Wales Coast ecoregion. download here