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Stuart Kininmonth

Curriculum Vitae Publications Doctorate


Kininmonth, S. Beeden, R., and Dulman, S (in review) Snakes and Ladders: Resilience modelling of coral reefs for public dissemination, Simulation and Gaming journal

Kininmonth, S. Crona, B. Bodin, O. Vaccaro, I. Chapman, L., Chapman C. Tracing socio-ecological connectivity across scales: exploring the relation between trade and fish extraction patterns in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda (submitted) Ecology and Society

R.D. Stuart-Smith, G.J. Edgar, N.S. Barrett, S.J. Kininmonth, A.E. Bates (2015) Large-scale thermal biases and vulnerability to warming in the world’s marine fauna, Nature.

Pierre Leenhardt, Lida Teneva, Stuart Kininmonth, Ness Smith, Olivia Langmead, Emily Darling, Joachim Claudet (in press) Challenges for making marine social-ecological science matter. Ocean and Coastal Management pdf

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Kininmonth S., Blenckner T., Nyström M (in prep) Transitions in complex connected systems leads to novel marine ecosystems.

Stuart Kininmonth, Rebecca Weeks, Rene Abesamis, Maria Berger, Eric Treml, David Williamson, Robert Pressey, Örjan Bodin (in prep) Strategies in scheduling marine conservation plans in a networked system

Stuart Kininmonth,Ö Bodin, Carl Steinitz (in prep) On Scale and Complexity in marine reserve planning

Graham J. Edgar, Amanda E. Bates, Tomas J. Bird, Alun H. Jones, Stuart Kininmonth, Rick D. Stuart-Smith, and Thomas J. Webb, (in press) New approaches to marine conservation through scaling up of ecological data, Annu. Rev. Mar. Sci. pdf

Stuart Kininmonth, Meri Kallasvuo, Susa Niiranen, Ulf Bergstrom, Martin Hansson, Thorsten Blenckner, Stephen Neuenfeldt and Valerio Bartolino, Michele Casini (in prep) Exploring trophic dependencies from Baltic Sea Cod stomach data analysis using Bayesian Belief Networks

EA Treml, Ö Bodin, P Fidelman, S Kininmonth, J Ekstrom, (in press) Analysing the (Mis)Fit between Institutional and ecological networks of the Coral Triangle. Global Environmental Change 31, 263-271 pdf

Kininmonth,S, Bodin O, Bergsten, A. Closing the collaborative gap: aligning social and ecological connectivity for better management of interconnected wetlands (2015) AMBIO DOI 10.1007/s13280-014-0605-9 pdf


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Jeffrey Maynard, Johanna Johnson, Roger Beeden, Jen Dryden, Stuart Kininmonth, (2014). No anchoring areas reduce coral damage in effort to build resilience in Keppel Bay, southern Great Barrier Reef, Australian Journal of Environmental Management. Vol 21, Is 1 pdf

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Stuart Kininmonth, Rebecca Weeks, Rene Abesamis, Maria Berger, Eric Treml, David Williamson, Robert Pressey, Örjan Bodin (2013)Strategies in scheduling marine conservation plans in a networked system, IMPAC conference, October 21-25th Marseilles, France. pdf

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Elizabeth Evans-Illidge, David Abdo, Jason Doyle, Jane Fromont, Lyndon Llewellyn, Gavin Ericson, Christopher Battershill, and Stuart Kininmonth (2013) Phylogeny drives large scale patterns in Australian marine bioactivity and provides a new chemical ecology rationale for future biodiscovery. Plos One 8,9,e73800 pdf

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Jin, Young , Petra Lundgren, Bette Willis, Stuart Kininmonth , Madeleine van Oppen, Genetic adaptation along environmental gradients in the reef-building coral Acropora millepora from the Great Barrier Reef [Poster] AMSA conference poster, Gold Coast, July 7th -11th 2013 pdf


Kininmonth S, van Oppen M, Sarah Castine, Lesa Peplow, Adrian Lutz (2012) The small genetic world of Seriatorpora hystrix, Network Biology, 2(1) pdf

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Stuart Kininmonth, Eyram Apetcho, Susanna Nurdjamman, Fi Prowe and Anna Luzenczyk (2012). Fisheries and Reserves Netlogo Model, Modelling Commons, http://modelingcommons.org/browse/one_model/3622#model_tabs_browse_discuss


Madeleine J.H. van Oppen, Lesa M. Peplow, Stuart Kininmonth, Ray Berkelmans (2011) Historical and contemporary factors shape the population genetic structure of the broadcast spawning coral, Acropora millepora, on the Great Barrier Reef, Molecular Ecology,20(23):4899-914 pdf

John (Charlie) E.N. Veron, Lyndon M. DeVantier, Emre Turak, Alison L. Green, Stuart Kininmonth,
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DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-0114-4_5 pdf

Kininmonth S, Beger M, Bode M, Peterson E, Adams V, Dorfman D, Brumbaugh D, Possingham H (2011) Dispersal connectivity and reserve selection for marine conservation. Ecological Modelling, DOI:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2011.01.012 pdf


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2000 and earlier

Kininmonth S. 1999. Spatial Data catalogue of the Kakadu National Park service, October 1999 PDF here (2.1MB).

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Kininmonth S. 2000. Measuring the neighbour’s influences: a new index of ecological connectivity. Master of Natural Resourses Thesis, University of New England. PDF here (3.7MB)

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